Forever Oceans and Swanson-Girard have been collaborating, allowing for new recipes, ideas and relationships within our culinary board! Swanson-Girard is a commercial food service equipment manufacturers representative specializing in solutions for all types of food service applications including restaurant, quick serve, hospitality, institutional and retail. They represent some of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the industry. 


Paul Swanson, and Sean Girard own and operate the business from their headquarters in Pineville, NC and serve both North and South Carolina.  Founded in 1999, they have built their business and the corporations they represent from single digits, and a fax machine, to over 20 major represented lines, and an impressive sales volume and team.


Nationally, there are around 200 of these types of organizations, however, Swanson-Girard Culinary Solutions has always understood the need for innovation in the marketplace and continues to reinvest in how to best help their customers achieve optimal outcomes.


Recently, Swanson-Girard brought on board Chef Chris Aquilino, as their Director of Culinary.  Chef Chris brings 30 plus years of industry experience including R&D, concept creation, culinary sustainability, food styling and photography. The team has been working to bring you a new experience called, The LAB @ Swanson-Girard, a test kitchen and culinary studio featuring state-of-the-art commercial foodservice equipment, supporting custom culinary solutions, research & development, training, conferences, and industry meetings. The kitchen is perfectly situated close to the CLT airport, uptown Charlotte, and just minutes from South Carolina. This 3,000 square foot theatre-style kitchen presentation space also has separate back-of house prep space as well as a conference room that can double as a photo studio.


My perspective on being on the Forever Oceans culinary board, and how it is mutually beneficial:


“I think that the partnership between Forever Oceans and Swanson-Girard is a complete win/win situation.  As an organization, we are always seeking out the freshest, highest quality ingredients that we can showcase within equipment demonstrations, and that will truly let technique and method shine.  Forever Oceans first product: Kahala is just that and much more. The story of the Kahala is completely in line with my culinary food philosophy that all foods should be sourced responsibly and in a sustainable way, so we can continue to enjoy the best possible flavors and ingredients for many generations.   We have enjoyed having them in the kitchen, and working alongside them. The team at Forever Oceans is incredibly talented and passionate, so it’s easy to want to help them get the word out!” -Chris Aquilino


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