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Forever Oceans selected for HTDC Grant

Forever Oceans selected for HTDC Grant

Three Hawai‘i Island companies are among a group of Hawai‘i-based technology companies to receive $1,417,050 in awards from the Hawai‘i Technology Development Corporation (HTDC).

Hawaii Business Feature: The Future of Farming

“We can’t do it all with current farming methods,” says Mathew Goldsborough, director of engineering at Forever Oceans Corp. “To meet this rising demand, we need to look to technologies that allow us to grow protein sustainably in the ocean as well as help protect the...

Forever Oceans courts Cuba

Jason Heckathorn of Forever Oceans was the rare delegation member who came in with the goal of building a Cuban outpost. His company, an unlikely spinoff from Lockheed Martin, applies command-and-control technology developed for defense to deep-sea farms for...