All eight finalists did an amazing job competing in front of celebrity judges at the Forever Oceans Kahala Klash that took place on November 7th. These students showed off the versatility and creativity that our Kahala offers in each of their dishes. 


Each student was given the freedom to create any dish they wanted using Forever Oceans Kahla and present it in front of the six judges — Mark Allison, Rick Moonen, Nick DiGiovanni, Andrew Zimmern, Cathy Holley and Brendan Walsh. 

First place winner, Maximiliano Righimal, created a Tri-cultural Ceviche filled with beautiful colors and aromas. 


Second place winner, Mehak Rawal, created Coastal Goan Forever Oceans Kahala Curry to honor her culture in India.


Third place winner, Colin Shillingburg, created Forever Oceans Kahala Pibil which included the fabrication of his own fish.


People’s choice winner, Nadia Gonzalez, created Forever Oceans Kahala Fish Tacos, using one of her family recipes. 


Helen Zhao created Forever Oceans Kahala Mochi Tempura with Apple Tentsuyu and Citrus Kosho Noodles, with amazing presentation and uniqueness. 


Justin Kramer created Reverse Engineered Forever Oceans Kahala 3 ways, bringing his pastry experience into the competition.


Bryce Gordon created Forever Oceans Kahala Etouffee as a tribute to his hometown in New Orleans, Louisiana. 


Gakuyu Suzuki created Seared Forever Oceans Kahala, Yuzu, and Artichoke using some of his favorite ingredients.


Make sure to stay tuned for our student recipe book filled with each of these versatile and delicious recipes! In the meantime, download our recipe book created by various chefs on our culinary board. 

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