Forever Oceans’ Guiding Principles in

Our Code of Ethical Conduct

The Forever Oceans™ team understands that being a game changing innovator is not only about creating the means and technology to sustainably source high quality fish. It is about how we behave towards one another and ultimately our world. Our goal is to be a trusted partner to the communities in which we operate in, our customers, and our colleagues. Our business depends on trust, which we are committed to conducting in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner.
Our Code is the foundation of our culture and sets a high standard of integrity in the manner we conduct business. It guides us through our daily work and is intrinsic to our behaviour not only within the workplace, but also outside. The Code provides driection in making thoughtful informed decisions and setting certain standards integral to what makes us Forever Oceans™.
Our nine principles below set the standards of the Code:
  • Build Trust and Credibility
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Set Tone at the Top
  • Uphold the Law
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • Set Metrics and Report Results Accurately
  • Promote Substance Over Form
  • Be Loyal
  • Do the Right Thing
Our Code applies to all employees and everyone representing Forever Oceans™. We will continue to maintain a courteous culture in which employees feel comfortable raising concerns and reporting potential violations of the Code of Conduct.