Who doesn’t like the mouth feel and taste of fresh figs? Figs have two seasons, the first or “breba” season is the first few weeks of June. The second  or “new wood” season is actually now, October. The most common variety is the black mission followed by the brown turkey fig and green kafota. But whatever you can get your hands on, try this simple but amazing Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi (Amberjack) and fig dish tonight with family or friends, it is just so easy and so delicious. Enjoy! 


On a side note, did you know…

Figs are a really good source of both calcium and potassium. These two minerals can work to improve bone density, which can in turn prevent conditions like osteoporosis. 


Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi (Amberjack) with Fresh Figs

Serves 4



1x 12oz Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi (Amberjack) loin, thinly sliced (or use fresh tuna or salmon) 

Pinch of sea salt

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper

8 fresh figs cut in half or quarters



⅔ cup red wine or red wine vinegar

⅓ cup brown sugar

1 Thai red chili, seeds removed, half sliced into rounds the rest roughly chopped

1 lime, juice of

1 tablespoon freshly chopped cilantro


How to make:


Place even amounts of freshly sliced Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi (Amberjack) onto four serving plates, lightly sprinkle over salt and pepper, then add even amounts of figs to each plate.


For the dressing, mix all the remaining ingredients together, then spoon equal amounts of dressing over the sliced Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi (Amberjack) and serve.


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