4 oz. Kanpachi, trimmed and skinned
1 Cup Clementine Supremes
1 tbsp Lime juice
1 tbsp furikake
1 tbsp grated ginger, peeled
1/2 Cup flat parsley, or micro green
1/4 Cup sliced Thai chilies
1/2-3/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Himalayan Pink Salt and pepper to taste



1. Process the ginger into a fine dice/mince.
2. Next, slice the Thai chilies finely and supreme the clementines.
3. Carefully trim and de-skin the Kanpachi. Slice into bite sized strips.
Set aside
4. Lay the Kanpachi onto your desired plate/plater. Season with Furakake,
salt and pepper.
5. Add the clementines, parsley, or micro greens as well and the grated ginger.
6. Finish with high quality Olive Oil, lime juice and chilies.
PRO TIP: reduce the heat of the Thai chilies by slicing and holding them in a lime juice
and saltwater combination overnight.


Recipe by Chef Chris Aquilino

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