Taste a Better Tomorrow.

At Forever Oceans™, we are revolutionizing the seafood industry one rich, buttery bite at a time. Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi is some of the best natural nutrition to be found, comparable with chicken and beef protein-wise but with far less fat. It’s also packed with Omega 3s and Vitamin D while remaining antibiotic and mercury free. So it’s as excellent for your brain as it is for the rest of you.
But all of that is nothing next to the flavor. Our Kanpachi is rich yet light, with a buttery texture that’s delicious no matter how it’s prepared—steamed, smoked, grilled, baked, poached, or served raw as sashimi or sushi. In fact, our Culinary Board is made up of 49 celebrity chefs who have created a range of outstanding recipes featuring our fish. How does pan-fried yellowtail with noodles and bok choy sound? Or olive-oil poached yellowtail with blistered tomato and fennel salad?
The reason for the uniquely delicious flavor lies in the unique way they are raised. In our patented deep-water enclosures, Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi  grow faster, healthier, and tastier than traditionally farmed fish. Our sustainable approach gives us complete control over the lifecycle of our fish, from fish egg to our consumers’ plates. More importantly, our fish don’t negatively impact the aquatic ecosystem—in fact they work synergistically to help restore it.
Grilled Forever Oceans Amberjack with Salsa.