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Kanpachi Stew
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What Does Tomorrow Taste Like?

At Forever Oceans™, we are revolutionizing the seafood industry one rich, buttery bite at a time. Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi is some of the best natural nutrition to be found, comparable with chicken and beef protein-wise but with far less fat. It’s also packed with Omega 3s. So it’s as excellent for your brain as it is for the rest of you.

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Delicious, Versatile, Sustainable

How do sushi rolls made with Kanpachi from Pacific Catch sound? Or Kanpachi Aguachile from Maiz 64? Our fish is on the menu in a number of restaurants around the globe and that number keeps growing. The versatility of Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi makes it a great option to put on your menu!

Some of the best chefs from around the globe have taken our kanpachi and created truly spectacular dishes that are being served from coast to coast. Check out how you can taste our delicious fish using the map.

Forever Oceans is coming to retail-grocery soon. Make sure to come back and check our map for a store near you.