Being a team member at Forever Oceans means much more than a job, it is truly an adventure into uncharted waters that will sustain the oceans forever. That’s why we will help you stay informed on important developments that will affect our collective futures.

This spring, Forever Oceans completed an important round of investments to bring global mariculture operations to scale. Based on successful pilot scale operations to demonstrate our technologies to investors, several millions of dollars were raised to quickly ramp up employment and infrastructure for operations in Brazil, Panama, Indonesia and Hawaii.

Now with employment approaching 120 worldwide, Forever Oceans has authorized the construction of new enclosures to bring Kahala to U.S. consumers and foodservice operators by the Fall of 2021.

According to Mathew Goldsborough, Chief Technology Officer, “Our ability to nurture and monitor hundreds of thousands of Kahalas in the deep ocean, away from contamination and assuring sustainable practices has assured investors of a quantum leap in mariculture. The ramp up of our operations is a historic moment for our company.”

Thor Sutan Assin, President Director of Indonesia Operations and Sandro Rezzio, Chief Production Officer are keeping their team members busy with the ramp up. Rezzio has more eggs ordered now that our last cohort of fingerlings has been deployed to offshore enclosures. Goldsborough’s team is preparing robots and communications equipment to nurture and monitor the fish and their pristine environments.

“We are literally growing protein from sea water, and it’s deliciously sustainable for future generations.”

Jason Heckathorn
Forever Oceans
Chief Executive Office

The importance of our mission was highlighted in July with a tour of our Panama operation by that country’s President Laurentino ‘Nito’ Cortizo. Accompanied by our CEO, Jason Heckathorn, and Sandro Rezzio we shared our mission toward protecting the environment through sustainable seafood during the tour.

Our Chief Production Officer and Country Manager of Panama, Sandro Rezzio shares how Forever Oceans will responsibly grow Kahala off the coast of Panama with that country’s President Laurention ‘Nito’ Cortizo.

Panamanian President Cortizo fist bumps some of our Forever Oceans team members during a July tour there.

The ramp up and excitement coincides with increased demand by consumers for seafood. According to Monica San Miguel, Forever Oceans Chief Brand Officer, there has been a dramatic shift by consumers toward seafood. “Through the pandemic, consumers turned to fresh seafood because of its functional benefits of Omega 3s. Sales numbers reported by IRI shows a 27% increase in sales at supermarkets and nearly a 10% increase in the number of consumers who now regularly purchase fresh seafood and prepared it for their families.”

Independent nutritional testing of Forever Oceans Kahala found that Kahala has more Omega 3s than wild caught salmon or tuna and with no contaminants found in their flesh. Yet, the delicious flavor of Forever Oceans Kahala will be its most important benefit in claiming is share of reaching plates on America’s dinner table.

“There is something about Kahala that has been nurtured in the deep ocean,” says Forever Oceans Executive Chef, Mark Allison. “I’ve been a chef for more than 30 years. I’ve worked in restaurants and taught hundreds of chefs around the world, and there has never been a fish so delicious when prepared in so many menu applications. When I share a Kahala with a restaurant chef, they instantly fall in love with the flavor.” Allison and Chef Rick Moonen, who is considered the “Godfather of Sustainable Seafood”, have built a cadre of important chefs as ambassadors for Forever Oceans Kahala across the U.S. Moonen is likewise sharing the news on the company’s Ocean-Raised Podcast heard around the world and Chef Mark’s Ocean-Raised Blog on

Forever Oceans Chief Executive Officer, Jason Heckathorn, says every team member should be excited for the company’s mission and our shared success. “Everything is aligning now for an exciting future for us all. The world can’t sustain the old ways of feeding its population that will grow by 20% by 2050 from 7.8 billion people today to 9.7 billion in less than 30 years according to the United Nations. As a solution, we are literally growing protein from sea water, and it’s deliciously sustainable for future generations. That’s why I can honestly say that being a part of Forever Oceans right now is vitally important for future generations. Welcome aboard, because we are out to protect our world and our oceans forever.”

What IS Oceans Forever?

At a time when Forever Oceans is growing its global workforce so rapidly, Oceans Forever is a way to unite team members to its mission to nourish the world through eco-friendly technology. Your fun and exclusive membership in Oceans Forever will include posters around your workplace, printed materials, and wearables that only Forever Oceans employees can proudly wear. Equally important, you will meet other members of this exclusive club—even if they are thousands of miles away!

This Oceans Forever theme is a way to be proud of your role as a team member and connect with other team members thousands of miles away. Oceans Forever will be most relevant as a month e-newsletter to keep you informed on new and important developments and milestones within the company. It will also remind team members of how they can be true ambassadors of the mission. Here are some ways that you can play a role:

1. Always Talk About Forever Oceans. Consider it your duty to represent our brand and champion our cause. As a Forever Oceans employee share our corporate social media posts and tell your friends, family and network about the exciting things that we do.

2. Come Hungry To The Table. We encourage you to bring fresh ideas and input to your team’s leader. Come to work ready to contribute because the world doesn’t just need thinkers, but doers.

3. Be You. We are crazy about nature. Just like our unique seafood, we encourage you to be unique. Feel free to share your passion about our mission and live life as a champion of our sustainably delicious mission for the world.

Thanks for your membership in Oceans Forever. It will be a memorable and important part in your lifelong memory and career as a champion of the environment and sustainable seas around the world. We look forward to sharing more good news in our next installment in August.