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Measurable Results

Thanks to the operational advancements enabled by our technology, our farm-gate carbon emissions are already about 20% less than Salmon. The carbon footprint of Salmon is only a fraction of the beef carbon footprint. Our operations also protect ocean health. A key ocean health metric is how much carbon equivalent material reaches the ocean floor. Our growing areas deposit only a fraction of what is permitted under the best category of the Canadian standard.  Forever Oceans fish are helping preserve our air and our oceans.

You probably know that over two-thirds of the planet is covered with water. But did you know those oceans provide oxygen for over half the air we breathe? Or that oceans absorb more carbon dioxide than all the rainforests combined? And then there are the million different forms of life that the oceans are home to. In short, our oceans are the planet’s most precious natural resource, and we need to do everything possible to protect them from pollution, climate change, and overfishing. 

Humanity is facing a nutritional crisis. In order to feed the 9 billion people projected to be living on Earth by 2050, we need to increase our protein production by a colossal 50%. But if livestock and poultry are already responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse emissions, then meeting the world’s protein needs with these sources alone is clearly dangerously unsustainable. Our conviction is that fish (and restorative aquaculture in particular) is the solution the world is looking for. 

Ocean-Raised Fish 

On the one hand, we have these gigantic bodies of water that provide us with all the things we need to survive. And on the other, we have literally billions of bodies that need to be nourished in a way that protects and preserves our planet. So we’ve dedicated countless hours to finding a way for these two things to peacefully coexist. The result is a process that produces sashimi grade, protein-rich fish without taking anything from our precious oceans.

What does it mean to raise a fish right? It means our fish mature in waters up to 10 miles offshore and eat sustainably sourced feed. It means they live in one-of-a-kind deepwater enclosures with automated feeding systems. It means harnessing the power of ocean currents to provide a continuous flow of natural, clean water. It means we only select sites that are natural to the species we raise. It means we surround our growing areas with 3-mile biosecurity zones to protect our fish and the local ecosystem. It means we partner with local fishing communities to provide jobs and conserve the oceans. It means it’s our mission to show the world that raising fish the right way can both help humanity and protect the planet. And to us, that means everything. This is why we partnered with The Nature Conservancy to complete our Environmental Footprint Assessment, which you can find below.