Sustainability - NEW HEADER

The Future of Food Sustainability Lies Not on Land, But in Our Oceans. So we Need Them to Thrive. Forever.

Our oceans cover 70% of our planet. They provide the oxygen for 2 out of every 3 human breaths, and absorb more carbon than all the rainforests combined. Beyond this, they are an immense source of beauty and biodiversity. Between pollution, climate change impacts, and overfishing, we are killing them.

At the same time, in order to feed the 9+ billion people projected to be living on Earth by 2050, we must increase protein production by a staggering 50%. Raising livestock and poultry for today’s population is already responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions, so we can’t rely on them for the future. Sustainable seafood is the best—and perhaps the only—natural solution. 

Aquaculture has long held promise in providing healthy meat at the scale needed to feed the world. That said, the way we’re fishing is harming sea life populations along with the oceans themselves. The future needs our oceans. And we need them to be healthy.

At Forever Oceans™, we are turning the tide on the future of both food sustainability and ocean health. We have spent years developing an innovative way to raise large numbers of healthy and delicious fish in the deep ocean, where water is pristine and protected. It’s a process that produces sashimi-grade, protein-rich fish while also safeguarding against the environmentally damaging results of traditional fishing—protecting vast areas of ocean water. Bottom line, our fish can feed the world and restore our oceans. That’s not just a promise, it’s our mission.

Employees celebrate the harvest with CEO Bill Bien and CFO Ilya Cantor.

We Raise our Fish Differently. 

Our Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi are raised in waters up to 10 miles offshore and given sustainably-sourced feed. We have developed unique deep-water enclosures and automated feeding systems that work with nature, not against it, harnessing the regular ocean currents to provide a continuous flow of natural, clean water. These enclosures drift with the natural tide in a controlled area on single point moorings, protecting both the water as well as the equally critical ocean floor.

We only select sites for our enclosures that are natural to the species we raise and pollution-free, surrounding our growing areas by three-mile biosecurity zones to protect both our fish and the local ecosystem. We also partner with local fishing communities to provide jobs and conserve the ocean areas. It’s our goal to show the world that raising fish the right way can work hand in hand with protecting precious marine life and rebuilding the health of our oceans.

With our fish, we are ensuring food for the future of our people. And reviving oceans for the future of our planet. Forever.