Seafood, Revolutionized.

At Forever Oceans™, we have built the most sustainable, scalable, deep-water aquaculture platform on the planet—delivering premium, sashimi-grade fish to the world’s kitchens, ready to be prepared and served any number of ways. With operations based on a patented technology suite, and led by a seasoned leadership team of sustainability and aquaculture experts, Forever Oceans™ is changing the future of seafood while revitalizing our damaged oceans to provide a healthier future for all.
But our vision didn’t start with fish. It started with mounting concern for the state of our planet and the need to feed an ever-growing world population with the best natural protein possible. Both desperately needed solutions. Aquaculture was the only answer that had the potential to deliver massive amounts of natural protein without further polluting the planet. But only if we came up with a better way to do it. So we got to work.
One of our scientists (and former Alaskan fisherman) had the wild idea of repurposing satellites in order to control large enclosures of fish in the open ocean with the goal of raising sustainable food at scale. As we all know, wild ideas are often the best kind.
Our technology platform allows us to move fish production further offshore into deeper water than has ever been done before at a commercial scale. It’s a place where water is pristine, and where fish live among the natural swells and currents of the ocean. Our innovations work with nature, not against it. From ruggedized automated enclosures that can withstand a category-4 hurricane and let fish experience the ocean swells, to advanced automated systems that inspect and maintain enclosures and feed fish without human interaction. These allow workers to interact with all of our farm systems remotely, essentially having total awareness of all of the conditions on the farms at all times—which means control over quality from the fish egg to the entree on your plate.
Within these enclosures, our Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi thrive, growing healthier, faster and tastier than any other method of aquaculture. They are given sustainably-sourced, antibiotic-free feed, so they have the lowest levels of contaminants. And they are remarkably rich in important nutrients like Omega 3s. As for taste? Our Culinary Board of 50 celebrity chefs give it their resounding approval and are constantly creating new recipes featuring our fish.
Our innovations have already earned recognition as a Time Magazine best inventions of the year, and we were named as one of the top 25 seafood innovators in the world by Seafood Source Magazine. Soon, we will leverage our production capabilities, concessions, and expertise to diversify into other species.
The future needs the oceans. The oceans need a future. At Forever Oceans™, we are ensuring both will thrive. Forever.
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(L-R) Mr. John Lopes, Forever Oceans President, Brazil, Mr. Bill Bien, Forever Oceans CEO, Brazilian President Mr. Jair Bolsonaro, Secretary of Aquaculture and Fisheries Mr. Jorge Seif Júnior. Photo courtesy Alan Santos/PR
The marketing and tech teams pose on the beach in Hawaii during their idea exchange in August.

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Monica H. San Miguel, Chief Marketing Officer of Forever Oceans, spoke to us about this innovative and highly sustainable form of aquaculture and the Forever Oceans fish, which is cultivated in offshore deep waters.

We’re a sustainable seafood company that offers Forever Oceans fish, a delicious, versatile and nutritious finfish which is rich in Omega-3s.