A New School of Fish

There’s a reason we call ourselves Forever Oceans. We are kelp-huggers and want to protect the water that covers 70% of our planet. But the old-fashioned way of fishing simply isn’t cutting it. So we assembled a super team of scientists, engineers, fishermen, chefs, nutritionists, and humanitarians to build the most technologically advanced aquaculture platform on the planet.
Why? Because someone had to. Unless we do things very differently, we’re not going to be able to feed the world’s ever-growing population in a way that helps our planet rather than hurts it. Luckily, doing things very differently is kind of our thing, so we set about to raise nutrient-rich fish in a way that protects and respects the environment.
One of our scientists (who also happens to be a fisherman) had this crazy idea of repurposing satellites to control large enclosures of fish in the open ocean. This innovative tech allows us to move warmwater fish production further offshore and into deeper water than has ever been done before at a commercial scale.
The way we see it, why work against nature when you can work with it? We built ruggedized automated enclosures able to withstand a Category 4 hurricane so that our fish can thrive among the ocean’s natural swells, not in a giant tank. Then we created advanced automated systems that maintain those enclosures and feed the fish without human interaction. We can operate these systems remotely with total awareness of all conditions at all times. Fewer humans equals more nature.

So what does all this mean? It means Forever Oceans fish grow healthier and tastier than fish grown using any other method of aquaculture. We also ensure our feed is sustainably sourced and completely free of preventative antibiotics. And did we mention that our fish are loaded with important nutrients like Omega-3s? And the best part, they taste incredible. Just ask our culinary board of over 50 celebrity chefs who rave about our delicious fish.

One final note: a bit of a humblebrag, but it deserves mention that our innovations have been recognized as a TIME Magazine Best Invention of the year, and we were named one of the top 25 seafood innovators in the world by Seafood Source Magazine. We, of course, appreciate the recognition but there’s much more to do.
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