Program Manager

David, Provincia de Chiriquí

Required Expertise: The program manager must have strong practical experience in project management, which was gained through managing large and complex projects. He or she must have the following:

  • Good knowledge and handling of project and program management methodologies and techniques
  • Good understanding of the wider objectives of the program
  • Ability to work positively with the wide range of individuals involved in the program
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures
  • The ability to find innovative ways to resolve problems
  • Strong familiarity with the culture of the program country or minimally, experience working in the developing world
  • Experience managing leaders who are responsible for subordinate schedules, budgets, and deliverables

Description: This position will be responsible for the daily management of cost, schedule, and performance throughout the life cycle of the program. Specific duties follow:

  • Defines the program controls: the processes, procedures, reporting, etc. to manage the program
  • Plans the overall program and monitors its progress to make sure that milestones are being met across the various components of the program
  • Monitors and coordinates the program budget
  • Manages the risks and issues that arise over the course of the program life cycle, as well as takes measures to correct them when they occur
  • Coordinates the projects and their interdependencies between the various activities and organizations in the program
  • Manages and uses resources across the activities in the program
  • Manages stakeholders who are involved in the program
  • Ensures deliverables are aligned across all program components.


  • Daily program management throughout the program life cycle
  • Defining the program governance (controls)
  • Planning the overall program and monitoring the progress
  • Managing the program’s budget
  • Managing risks and issues and taking corrective measurements
  • Coordinating the projects and their interdependencies
  • Managing and utilizing resources across projects
  • Managing stakeholders’ communication
  • Aligning the deliverables to the program’s outcomes
  • Managing the main program documentations such as the master program schedule

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