Seafood Source’s editorial team conducted an extensive nomination and analysis process to identify the most innovative companies in the land. They took into consideration new product announcements and launches that transpired within the North American market over the course of 2020 and 2021. Each nominee was scored on their newsworthiness, industry accolades, brand creativity, trendiness, consumer consideration, and more. Forever Oceans measured up in every respect to earn the Top 25 Innovator designation.

Forever Oceans is unique in that it combines expertise and technologies through engineering, infrastructure, biology, production, marketing, and more, to offer an integrated solution for environmentally friendly ocean mariculture.

Our core value is to be a positive force in the communities in which we operate, whether it be with our employees and contractors, or the fish and environment in which they live.

Forever Oceans is ocean-raising fish off the coasts of Indonesia, Brazil, Panama, and Hawaii.

Forever Oceans is ocean-raising fish off the coasts of Panama, Indonesia, Brazil and at its Research and Technology Center in Hawaii.

Our systems include mariculture systems for fish breeding and an offshore platform. Our production is streamlined through automation with robots who care for and monitor the fish with human oversight via remote communications. Our innovative technologies detect risks and allow us to operate with greater efficiency than traditional approaches, and with reduced operational, environmental risks.

Our fish are Ocean Raised—grown in the clean, clear water of the open ocean. This is better for the fish, better for consumers, and better for the planet because the culture systems more closely approximate the fish’s natural environment, reducing stress on the animals and improving fish health. This process allows us to raise our fish without the routine use of antibiotics or chemical therapeutants to control parasites or pathogens. Offshore, we have the room to responsibly scale our production to help feed a growing planet, all while avoiding sensitive coastal habitats and preventing cumulative environmental impacts.

Our process allows us to grow fish more efficiently and sustainably, using advances in automation, remote sensing, and biology. At the heart of our approach is the remote monitoring of our fish as they are grown with minimal interaction with people in the ocean. This real time monitoring allows us to properly feed and monitor the health of our fish without impacting wild fishery resources or people.
Our commitment to sustainable oceans includes the nets that we use for our mariculture farms. Our mesh is made with a copper alloy so it is extremely strong and less likely to degrade over time so we protect against breaks or tears that might impact the ocean.
We monitor all our fish production operations remotely in real time. This includes water quality in and around the farm. We control the diet of the fish to assure a high-quality product for consumers. This, along with tests on the fish after harvest assure there are no contaminants in the fish products that we sell.

Chefs love Forever Oceans sashimi-grade fish due to its versatility and flavor.

Chefs love Forever Oceans sashimi-grade fish due to its versatility and flavor..

The response from chefs nationwide to our new Forever Oceans Kahala has been extraordinary. The term means “Cherished Land” in Hawaiian but is also the local name for an amberjack or longfin yellow tail (its scientific name is Seriola Rivoliana). 

We’ve shared our Kahala with more than 30 renowned chefs ranging from Jose Andres, Andrew Zimmern and Rick Bayless to Eric Ripert and Jaques Pepin. All exclaim their love of our sashimi-grade Kahala. Light, flaky and with a buttery texture, the fish is not just applicable to sushi or poke but to any center of the plate application. All the chefs who have had the opportunity to sample and work with Kahala in their kitchens have committed to serving it in their restaurants in multiple dishes.

Chefs love Forever Oceans sashimi-grade fish due to its versatility and flavor.

Additionally, Forever Oceans has established itself as a leader in educating chefs and consumers on the benefits of its fish on restaurant menus and at home. For instance, we have built a relationship with Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Consulting for educating future chef superstars. 

In the first-of-its-kind culinary competition, eight students selected from all CIA campus locations will compete in what we are calling the Forever Oceans Kahala KlashTM. The event will be live streamed beginning at 3 p.m. EST on November 7th on Forever Oceans’ YouTube channel from the Hyde Park campus.

Chefs love Forever Oceans sashimi-grade fish due to its versatility and flavor.

Chefs Andrew Zimmern and Nick DiGiovanni headline the celebrity judges of the competition. Winners will receive scholarships toward their education. It is an example of our company’s commitment to the foodservice industry and sustainably delicious seafood.

Forever Oceans Kahala is now available for purchase by retailers and foodservice operators. To learn more or request a free sample, visit