The First Fish of Its Kind

Instead of using up valuable tuna and salmon, we decided to do things the sustainable way with our very own fish. Kahala is raised off-shore through automated technology. The result is a fish that is flaky, buttery, and unbelievably delicious.

High in Omega-3s

Our Kahala fish contain very high levels of heart-healthy Omega-3s.

Clean By Nature

Our fish do not accumulate excess mercury or other environmental contaminants.


Our systems are designed to prevent negative interactions with marine wildlife.

Culinary Inspiration

Adding fish into your diet has many health benefits. Our blog contains tons of recipes using our Kahala and other types of fish that are simple, nutritious, and delicious!

Forever Oceans Kahala™ with Roasted Tomatoes

Forever Oceans Kahala™ with Roasted Tomatoes

This is a quick, elegant and delicious appetizer that is perfect for family get-togethers or special occasions. Cherry tomatoes with garlic, shallots, fresh thyme, then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, roasted in the oven and dressed with lemon juice, capers,...

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Chefs React

World-renowned chefs have been able to try cooking and tasting Forever Oceans Kahala. Here are some of their creations and experiences.