Who We Are

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide nourishing fish to consumers around the globe through innovation.

Our Vision is to revolutionize seafood for our health and our oceans. Forever.   

Our Solution

Forever Oceans brings together experts and technologies in engineering, infrastructure, biology, production, marketing, and more, to offer an integrated solution for environmentally friendly mariculture.

Our innovative technologies not only allow us to operate with greater efficiency than traditional approaches, they also reduce operational risks.

We deploy our solutions far offshore in deep waters where they enable cultivation of high quality fish in a clean, healthy, and natural environment.

Forever Oceans is focused on growing with delicious, premium, sustainable fish species in warm water regions of the world.

Our System

The Forever Oceans system includes recirculating aquaculture systems for fish breeding and an offshore platform designed to operate in potentially harsh offshore conditions. Production is streamlined through automation. Humans use a command and control interface to oversee and maintain robots performing the basic fish husbandry. Our cloud-based software detects risks and provides alerts before problems occur.

Our Fish

Forever Oceans is focused on delicious, premium, and taste-centric alternative species that can be sustainably cultivated at scale. We want our customers to know that every time they buy a Forever Oceans fish, they are purchasing a premium product. We want our customers to be proud knowing that by consuming Forever Oceans fish, they are making an eco-friendly decision that is beneficial for our oceans and our planet. We want our customers to enjoy healthy and nutrient packed meals.

For culinary inspirations & recipes, please visit our Blog.

What we do at Forever Oceans