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Sustainable by Design.

Offshore and out of this world

When you need to feed the world while saving the oceans, thinking small isn’t an option. Neither is doing things the way they’ve always been done. From the beginning we’ve set out to completely revolutionize aquaculture, and while we’re not anywhere close to done, we’re making some pretty good progress. We’ve got the patents to prove it.

Our journey as innovators began by asking the hard questions of aquaculture that many have long avoided. How do you raise the healthiest fish possible? How do you eliminate the environmental impacts of fish and feed waste on the local ecology? What would a truly carbon-neutral aquaculture operation look like?

The answer to many of these questions turns out to be quite simple: raise wild fish far offshore in their natural open-sea environment. We’re not the first ones to have come to this conclusion. But we are the first ones to have built the technology to make it possible.

Working with the ocean, not against it

More than ten miles offshore in at least 100 meters of water, our custom-designed modular, ruggedized fish enclosures drift naturally with the currents, anchored to our patented detachable, single-point mooring. Open-ocean currents clean the enclosures, carrying away waste and naturally keeping disease to a minimum. When weather becomes harsh, these enclosures can be remotely lowered out of harm’s way, allowing the entire operation to withstand a Category 4 hurricane.

Thriving in the open ocean requires brains as well as brawn. Each enclosure connects to our mobile automated feeding platform, a proprietary, long-distance IoT stack that manages, monitors, and maintains the entire operation requiring minimal human intervention. It’s a marvel of redundant engineering and edge-computing, purpose-built to function no matter what the ocean throws at it.

Employees celebrate the harvest with CEO Bill Bien and CFO Ilya Cantor.

Keeping an AI on things

An array of custom-built sensors and cameras in each enclosure collect vast amounts of data on everything from water quality to individual and group fish behavior, allowing our AI-driven management software to make precision adjustments to the timing and amount of feeding, as well as flag potential hazards such as algae blooms.

Using real-time underwater imagery, our biomass software accurately determines when the fish are ready for harvest. All this data is communicated in real-time via secure satellite and point-to-point wireless networks to our central operations center where a single employee can monitor and manage our entire global network of farms via their laptop or mobile phone.

High-tech with a purpose

Technology-driven automation isn’t just about making life easier for the operations team. Every boat trip not taken to one of our farms means a lower carbon footprint and less pollution, not to mention a savings of time, energy, and money.

Using artificial intelligence to optimize the timing and amount of feeding dramatically reduces waste and significantly lowers our feed conversion ratio. This number measures just how efficiently we produce every pound of protein, and has huge implications for lowering both our costs and our environmental footprint, all while delivering the highest quality product.

Cutting-edge biology

We take a data-driven approach to every aspect of our operations beginning long before the fish make it to their deep-ocean homes. Our scientists carefully manage the selection of our wild fish stock and the breeding process. We’re not modifying any genomes, but we are constantly monitoring and measuring the vitality of every generation of offspring.

Through many breeding cycles, we identify the healthiest, fastest-growing, highest-quality fish, and make sure we take advantage of their naturally superior genetics for future generations of our fish. We’ve perfected this process with our kanpachi, and are busy extending our innovations to other, equally delicious species around the globe.

Making restorative aquaculture real

Every bit of custom hardware we build. Every line of software code we write. Every generation of superior-quality fish we breed. It’s all done in service of our vision for a future in which feeding the world’s population and restoring the oceans to health aren’t mutually exclusive.

Restorative aquaculture is not only a possibility, it’s an imperative. That’s why we’re focusing every ounce of our innovation and energy on building the most technologically-advanced, environmentally-positive aquaculture platform on the planet.