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Our First Product: Forever OceansKanpachi 

Our ocean-raised Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi is nutrient-rich, sustainably grown, and as an added bonus, tastes incredible.  Do you want a healthier source of protein?  We’ve got you covered.  You understand the benefits of eating Omega-3 rich food? Look no further.

Currently, we are raising our delicious Forever Oceans™  Kanpachi off the coast of Panama and we are building farms in Brazil and Indonesia to offer future species in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Our fish are incredibly delicious cooked and prepared raw – just ask any of celebrity chef partners and we encourage you to enjoy them at our restaurant partners, request samples if you are retailer or food services partner, or download the recipes if you simply want to have some fun dreaming about a delicious meal.

Now more than ever, our planet needs new ways of growing food to feed our growing population. Current ways of raising livestock and poultry are unhealthy both for the animals and the environment. Overfishing is depleting our ocean’s resources and impacting neighboring sea life. A better way isn’t just important, it is urgent.

Forever Oceans created new technology that enables us to raise our fish sustainably far off shore in the deep ocean, where the water is pristine and fish thrive in their natural habitat. Best of all, according to The Nature Conservancy the carbon footprint of Forever Oceans fish is estimated to be less than 1/14th of beef, and less than the global average emissions for farmed salmon.

Make sure to try our recipes using our kanpachi with the link below.

Chef Andrew Zimmern endorses our sashimi-grade Kanpachi