Navigating Seafood Differently

One part innovation. One part delicious. Fully committed to saving the seas. We are Forever Oceans.

At Forever Oceans, we raise our very own Forever Oceans Amberjack™ offshore in deep waters. This allows us to cultivate high-quality fish in a clean, healthy, and completely natural environment.

Offshore Fishing with Unreal Flavor

Robots. Cameras. Action.

Our fish production is streamlined through automation. Humans use a command and control interface to oversee and maintain robots performing basic fish husbandry. It’s the future of sustainable fish farming.

“This fish is so good. Super clean, full of Omega-3’s, eats like butter. It is perfect for a lighter, healthier meal!”

Chef Drew Ward

Corporate Executive Chef, Artisanal Brewing Ventures

“Forever Oceans Amberjack™ has a mild and buttery flavor that’s different from any other fish I had in the past. The texture was not too chewy but not too soft. It is very delicious and delightful, whether raw or cooked. It’s not as oily as salmon but not as dry as cod, so a good combination overall. Seriously I was craving more Forever Oceans Amberjack™ for days! Looking forward to seeing it in the market very soon!”

Jin Park

Founder, Seasoned by Jin

"Ok look, I wanna tell you about this fish dish i just had. It is moist, it is flakey, the whole entire plate comes together with the bits of bacon lardons, some grits,but the whole thing comes together but, the fish is the star of the dish. Please, if you haven't had it you need to go get it.Im telling you."

March of Dimes Attendee

"Delicious! Forever Oceans Amberjack™ is a light and lovely texture and very tasty."

Grace Lunn

Culinary Inspiration

With so many health benefits associated with including fish into your regular diet, Forever Oceans is giving you the tools to get started. Our blog has tons of recipes using our Forever Oceans Amberjack™ and other types of fish that are simple, nutritious, and delicious!