The Result

A solution that allows us to partner with leading regional financial groups to produce high quality seafood in a way that is both environmentally responsible and economically attractive – with opportunities for higher levels of farm profits while transforming local communities.

Overcoming Mariculture Challenges

Demand for seafood is increasing due to a growing population and burgeoning global middle class. Many ocean fish stocks are depleted, and growth in traditional land-based and coastal aquaculture is limited by competition for land, water, and coastal space. The next frontier in seafood production has long been the expansion of aquaculture into the open ocean. Challenges spanning operations, technology, biology and husbandry have kept this frontier closed – until now.

Born out of a deeply held commitment to sustainability and food security, Forever Oceans offers a comprehensive solution backed by a suite of patents and trade secrets enabling its platform and operations. Forever Oceans is committed to ending the false choice between protecting the environment and feeding a growing population. Our real-time monitoring systems provide vital information on the health of the fish in the enclosures and on the state of the environment around them.

Our open ocean platform requires sophisticated moorings, sensors, robotics, communications, and other capabilities that were only made possible through years of incubation and by drawing from a lineage of proven Lockheed-Martin aerospace technologies.

Our Development Partners

As your partner, we are committed to the long-term success of every farm. We provide:

  • The most advanced fish growing solution in the world
  • Persistent on-site and remote oversight of best practice operations
  • Training for local workforces through our training facility at Virginia Tech
  • Access to premium market distribution channels for branded products
  • Risk management protocols, assessments, and solutions, including stock insurance

High Quality Fish

Our dedication to advanced technology and biology produce exceptional quality fish. Our healthy, high nutrient, low impact feed sources produce seafood that is prized by top sushi chefs for its texture and taste. All of our products go through strict grading and testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

The combination of a healthy diet and the optimal environment for growing our fish results in faster growth and greater feed efficiency than in the wild, and greater nutritional value in the final product. Additionally, we have developed natural means to maintain fish health without antibiotics, and devised novel harvesting techniques that improve product appearance and fillet quality.

A Global Responsibility

Feeding a growing population without harming the planet requires significant changes.

By 2050, world food production must increase by 70% to meet the needs of a projected 9.7B people. The ability of agriculture to supply this growing demand is limited by competition for arable land, freshwater, and other resources.

At the same time, most fisheries are at capacity or are heavily depleted. Even if fisheries management improves, catches will not be able to keep up with demand. Increasing sustainable mariculture production in the open ocean is critical to meeting the needs of a growing planet. Forever Oceans’ proprietary technologies and processes are focused on enabling an industry to meet this challenge without depleting valuable natural resources or damaging the environment.

Being good for the environment does not stop with the environment that our fish live in. Forever Oceans is committed to be a responsible partner to the communities in which we work. Our farms provide skilled jobs, training, food security, and more, while stimulating sustainable economic development.

About Us

From an environmental standpoint, we are committed to protecting our planet and preserving our oceans. From a humanitarian standpoint, we are committed to global food security. From a business standpoint, we are committed to a quality product and economic sustainability.

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